Monday, May 12, 2014

Apparitions of Our Lady of Gietrzwald

The apparitions and messages of Our Lady in Gietrzwald, small village in Poland, there were to Barbara Samulowska, 12 years old, and Justyna Szafrynska, 13 years old, at 18 o'clock, hour of the Angelus, between June 27 and September 16, 1877. Those days, they were preparing to make their First Communion. The seers were investigated separately and during the apparitions and deemed credible by the priests. In 1977, Pope Paul VI gave full approval to the sanctuary at the site of the apparitions. One of the biggest promoters of messages of Gietrzwald was Blessed Weichslowi Augustine (1830-1909) who was parish priest in the town and helped the visionaries. 

Apparition June 27: The hour of the Angelus, Justyna was on a tree in front of the church and saw Our Lady, white dress, blue veil, feet in a cloud and crown of twelve stars around her head. 

Apparition June 28: Justyna came back to the site the next day at the same time with friend Barbara Samulowska. They prayed the Rosary and saw Our Lady seated on a throne, the Child Jesus in her arms and Angels. The Child Jesus was holding a blue globe in his hands surmounted by a Cross. 

Apparition June 30: The girls asked what Our Lady wanted. She replied, "I want you to pray the Rosary every day." 

Apparition July 1: The girls received the First Communion and Justyna asked who she was. The Lady replied, "I am the Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception." 

Apparition July 3: The girls asked if the sick will be healed. Our Lady replied: "The miracles will happen and the sick will be healed afterwards. The people sick must pray the Rosary." 

Apparition July 28: The girls asked about a person who swears falsely using the Name of God. The Virgin Mary said, "This person does not deserve to go to Heaven and is induced by Satan." 

Apparition August 1: Barbara asked if the parish will receive priests soon. Our Lady replied, "Yes. If people pray piously, the Church will not be oppressed and abandoned parish will receive priests soon." 

Apparition September 8: Our Lady said, "Now sick can drink this water to receive healing." 

Apparition September 16: Our Lady blessed all people present and a small picture and said: "Pray the Rosary devoutly." 

The girls suffered persecution of government of Poland who also persecuted the Church. They became religious. Barbara went to Paris and Guatemala where she worked in hospitals and orphanages, full of humility, modesty and obedience. She died in holiness in 1950 at age 85. She is considered Servant of God and awaits Canonization process.