Friday, January 19, 2018

Apparition of Our Lady in Pontmain

Our Lady appeared in Pontmain, France, on January 17, 1871 to Eugene Barbedette (12 years), her brother Joseph Barbedette (11 years) and Françoise Richer (10 years) and Jeanne Marie Lebosse (9 years). France was at risk of being invaded by the Prussians. The only solution for the people was to pray so that God would protect them. Pontmain had approximately 300 inhabitants in 1871. On January 17, Eugene and Joseph helped their father in the barn. It was almost 18 hours. Eugene went out to see the time. The sky was starry. At that moment Eugene saw, in the sky, above the house of Augustin Guidecoq, a beautiful Lady who hovered in the air. The apparition had five stages reported by the children to follow.

First phase: The children said, "She has a blue dress with golden stars, blue slippers, a golden crown with a red ribbon around and a black veil. She looked 18 years old and smiled with infinite tenderness. " The beautiful Lady smiled at him, who told them all. Joseph arrives and also sees the Lady. "Maybe it's the Virgin Mary," said Victoire, his mother. Victoire called Sister Vitaline. She did not see anything, but called the girls Françoise Richer and Jeanne-Marie, two young pensioners. The girls arrived and immediately saw Our Lady and knelt with Eugene and Joseph. Sister Marie-Eduarda called the parish priest. The villagers rushed to the barn and began to pray with the children as they watched the apparition.  

Second stage: The parish priest arrived among his parishioners. He said, "Let's pray." Sister Marie-Eduarda began to pray the Rosary. The crowd began the Magnificat. Then Joseph Babin returned from Ernée's market and said, "You are right to pray. The Prussians came to Laval." At the parish's invitation the villagers sang the Litany of the Virgin Mary. They sang 'Inviolata', and also 'The Mater alma Christi carissima'. Then they sang the 'Hail Queen'. The crowd prayed fervently, in silence. At that moment, a blue oval with four dull candles appeared around the beautiful Lady. In addition, a small red cross was seen in her dress on her chest. The beautiful Lady became sad. A few minutes later she smiled again. When the prayers became more fervent, Our Lady grew slowly. The oval also grew and the stars multiplied. A large white flag unfolded under the feet of the beautiful Lady and then a word appeared by letter "BUT". At that time, the word "PRAY" was written on the flag and then in two other words "MY CHILDREN". Other words appeared, forming a phrase: "GOD WILL SOON GRANT YOUR REQUEST. MY SON ALLOWS HIMSELF TO BE MOVED."

Third stage: The villagers sang the anthem: "Mother of Hope, your name is so sweet, protect our France. Pray, pray for us." The children said, "Oh, how lovely she is." So they sang a song they had sung at school in the afternoon. The Virgin Mary raised her hands at the level of her shoulders and moved her fingers during the song as if she were a choirmaster. Our Lady was smiling. The banner with the message has disappeared at this time.  

Fourth phase: The people sang "Parce Domine" and the children said, "Look, it is becoming sad again." A red Crucifix with the name 'Jesus Christ' written on a white band appeared in front of it. A small star came and lit the four candles within the oval, just as the priest did in the church on the altar of the Holy Virgin. The star stops above the head of the Virgin.

Fifth phase: Sister Marie-Eduarda began the hymn "Ave Maris Stella". "My dear friends," said the parish priest, "we will all say the evening prayer together." Everyone knelt where they were. When they reached the "Examination of Consciousness," the red Crucifix disappeared. Two small white crosses appeared, one on each shoulder of the Blessed Virgin. She smiled again at the children. A great white veil appeared at the feet of the Virgin. The veil rose slowly in front of her and covered her slowly. Reached the face, then the crown." Do you still see anything?" Father Guerin asked. "No, Father, it's all over." It was almost nine o'clock at night. Everyone went home. Minds were at rest and all fear was gone.